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CD Key Miner is a cryptocurrency mining software, developed by Liandri Labs Ltd. The software allows regular users to conveniently rent out their computing power in exchange for video game CD keys across all platforms. It allows the customers to profit from the cryptocurrency mining industry by utilizing their hardware easily – just with a few clicks.

Pizzaria Mamma Mia is located in the center of Sofia, on Ivan Shishman street. It is a cozy Italian pizzeria with a wide selection of aromatic pizzas and delicious pastas. The perfect place for lunches and dinners with friends and family. The pizzaria serves customers on a patio as well as a large balcony located on the second floor of the restaurant.

Place To Move is located in Sofia, Kostenski Vodopad 58 street. It is the place for fitness and an active lifestyle. It combines a variety of workouts, yogalates, hip-hop, traditional Bulgarian dancing and other inspiring health and fitness activities. Place To Move offers activities for both children and adults.

Moyat Majstor provides services in Sofia city and the area around it. It offers professional repair services and solutions for your home. It consists of a team of craftsmen ready to turn your ideas into reality and renovate your home. Moyat Majstor is the reliable partner for your complete or partial interior repair or rennovation.

Restaurant The House is located in the city of Sofia, Student’s Town. The restaurant that gets you to the world of refined cuisine and traditional dishes. Here gourmet meets comfort in a stylish setting. It is the place where you can enjoy traditional Bulgarian foods and an authentic environment.

Dirty Adventure guarantees an amazing and a memorable ATV experience around the Belogradchik mountains. They offer a choice of multiple routes, a voucher gift option as well as additional services to record and edit your dirty adventure in the mountains.

Smile Bar & Dinner is located in Sofia, Mladost, on Sveti Kipriyan street. It is a modern and picturesque restaurant, where tempting dishes merge with delicious cocktails. An excellent place to enjoy a variety of cuisine and pleasant moments with friends and family.

Logo of TrenerBG - Sport Center Sofia

TrenerBG – Sport Center Sofia is located in zhk. Borovo, on “Solun” 64 Street. It has three floors with a total area of 1400 square meters. The center has a fitness hall, cardio area, three halls for group sessions, a children’s playground, a protein bar with healthy and dietary foods and drinks. coffee bar and a health supplements store.

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Georgi Georgiev Owner of TrenerBG, National Bodybuilding Champion